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Hand Made Bits

Handmade Western Horse Ported PRONG Bit ~ Cutting / Reining / Show Training ~ 5"


Maker Marked Colt Bit, Silver Engraved Handmade


Handmade vintage western shank curb bit sweet iron mouth with silver


Handmade JIMBO HUMPHREYS Solid Shank Trophy Curb Bit


Handmade Silver Grazing Bit


DUTTON Handmade Western Horse Correction Bit ~ 5" Mouth




Handmade Long Shank Western Horse Mullen Mouth BANANA Gag Bit ~ 5 3/4"


Correction Bit Handmade in Arizona - copper mouth sweet iron port


Handmade TERRY NICHOLS Long Shank Western Horse/Mule Gag Bit ~ 5 3/4"


Custom Handmade Western 5" Correction Bit, Cathedral, C Port


5.5" Wilson French Pletcher Loose Ring Bit PJP Custom Handmade Don Hansen Copper


Handmade TERRY NICHOLS Twisted Mouth Lifesaver Off Set Western Dee Snaffle Bit


Greg Darnall Handmade Loomis Shank Western Reining Horse Bit w Twisted Mouth


New Handmade DON ROGERS Loose Cheek Curb Bit


DUTTON Handmade Western Large Copper Wrapped Lifesaver Horse Bit


Handmade Hackamore Bit


Handmade Loose Ring "Peter Pletcher" Figure 8 Bit w Copper Dog Bone Stamped KR


DUTTON Handmade Tear Drop Shank Smooth Dogbone Western Colt Bit


Lot of 3 Snaffle Bits Hand Made, Reinsman, CP, Junior Cowhorse


New Handmade DON ROGERS Loose Cheek Squared Port Curb Bit


L&W handmade Horse BIT - Loose ring twisted mouth 5.5" - Nicely made


Tom Balding Short Shank Boatright GAG RENEGADE Bit #51 handmade WY, USA


Don HANSEN Marked Handmade Long Shank Correction BIT 5" Mouth~ 8-1/2" Shank~NICE


Handmade GONAZALES Western Horse Gag Bit ~ Rodeo / Ranch / Barrel Horse


DUTTON Handmade Western Chain Mouth Bit w Copper Rings


DUTTON Handmade Western Short Gag Bit w Twisted Mouth ~ 5 1/2"


Greg DARNALL Handmade 5-1/4" SWEET IRON Copper Inlay Mouth Don Dodge Snaffle BIT


Handmade DENNIS MORELAND Twisted Mouth Western Horse Sliding Gag Bit ~ #20-44


DUTTON Handmade Western 1x1 Square Port Copper Wrapped Calvary Shank Bit


Handmade HEAVY WEIGHTED O-Ring Twisted Mouth Snaffle Bit ~ 5 1/2"


Handmade Gag Bit~ chain mouthpiece~ Barrel Racing




DUTTON Handmade Western Short Gag Bit w 3 Piece Twisted Dog Bone Mouth


DUTTON Handmade Draw Gag Headstall w Copper Twisted Mouth


Barrel Racing Bit JM-3 Ring Gag W / Dog Bone Rib Cage Bender Hand Made USA Horse


Handmade Locked Smooth Mouth O Ring Snaffle Bit w Leather Bit Guards


Handmade By Local Bit Maker! Unique Mouthpiece Great Gift New One Of A Kind!


DENNIS MORELAND Handmade Loose Ring Twisted Snaffle Bit ~ 5 3/4"


Vintage Handmade "Fred KYLE" Billy Allen Reining Bit ~ Kyle-Pettigrew-Moore